IoT Connectivity

Experience on-demand, affordable IoT connectivity that spans across all locations.

SupaSim: Pay-as-you-go IoT Connectivity with no wasted costs. Seamless transition from local to global coverage. Pay only for actual data used. Powered by leading carriers and a robust technology platform 

Connect to the global Simbase network with one SIM.

Connect Anywhere, Anytime

Seamless Global Connectivity with Supasim. Change coverage at no extra cost, pay for global only when needed.


Automatic network switching for superior connections. Stay connected with ease, as our SIMs seamlessly switch to the best available network in every country.

Unlocking Technologies.

Future-proof your deployment with our Multi-IMSI technology, supporting 2G to 4G LTE, and the latest LTE-M.

Experience the SupaSim IoT Connectivity Difference.

Discover the power of our SIM, uniting the world’s cellular networks for a seamless experience. With a single multi-IMSI SIM, switch effortlessly between local and global coverage, gaining full control to optimize connectivity costs while expanding your business worldwide at your convenience.

  • Connect locally or access up to 180 countries instantly.
  • Pay only for your actual usage.
  • Activate, pause, and resume SIMs anytime, as per your needs..


Unify networks with one SIM, multiple carriers, all functioning seamlessly as one.

Unlock the full potential of SupaSim IoT Connectivity, driven by cutting-edge technology. Our SIM card consolidates various carriers into one, granting access to top-tier networks that function as a cohesive unit

SupaSim simplifies operations by seamlessly managing complexity. Featuring automatic network failover and redundancy, it ensures reliable connectivity across the globe.

  • Enhance connections with Multi-Network availability.
  • Simplify SIM management through a single platform.
  • Stay Future-proof with over-the-air updates and zero downtime.

Elevate Connectivity, Simplify Efforts.

Empower your device connections with our user-friendly SIM platform, putting you in complete control of when and where you connect. Save time and costs by paying solely for enabled SIMs and services, freeing you from the complexities of rate plans and data pools management.

  • Gain profound insights into network activities, usage, and locations.
  • Easily manage SIMs using tags, search, and bulk actions.
  • Bid farewell to paying for inactive SIMs or unused data with our cost-saving approach.